Month: April 2017

The Importance of Legal Intake Software Separate From Case Management Software

Most case management software offers similar solutions. They can make your law firm paperless, they can help with efficiency, and they can establish workflows for you and your employees that will allow you to do more with less. However, those systems mainly focus on working on a case once you’ve acquired the case and do… Read More

06 Apr 2017 | Case Management, Intake, Legal Technology

Plaintiff Firms Are Missing the Boat on Text Messaging

We all use text messaging daily. For a lot of people, it is far and away the primary avenue of communication. Why then, do law firms shy away from communicating with potential clients via SMS? Before I get into why I believe firms should leverage text messaging, I want to share five statistics related to… Read More

06 Apr 2017 | Lawyer Marketing

Let Captorra Cure Your Fat Cat Syndrome

Fat Cat Syndrome: The state of mind one possesses when one becomes so successful, he/she disregards the inefficiencies and lost opportunities. I speak with plaintiff attorneys daily. Too often I hear “my intake has worked for 20 years” or “we have other areas in the firm we need to focus on instead”. Now, I’ll be… Read More

06 Apr 2017 | Lawyer Marketing

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