Captorra API Posting

Captorra API Posting

Captorra provides their clients with an API that allows vendors to post a lead into their Captorra organization. The base integration allows for a number of common lead fields to be passed directly into Captorra to create a new lead for follow-up.

Posting Information

Method POST
Headers Content-Type : application/json
Accept: application/json

Data Parameters

The base integration allows for the following fields to be passed using the corresponding Parameters.

Param (Case Sensitive) Descritpion – Type – Character Limit
Captorrald Unique ID identifying the Captorra organization
First Contact’s First Name – string – 50
Last Contact’s Las Name – string – 50
Referrer Unique GUID identifying the posting source – GUID
Primary Contact’s Primary Number – string – 50
Secondary Contact’s Secondary Number – string – 50
Email Contact’s Email – string – 100
Address Contact’s Address Line 1 – string – 250
City Contact’s City – string – 80
State Contact’s State – string – 2
Zip Contact’s Zip- string – 20
Country Contact’s County – string – 50
BestTime Best Time to reach Contact – string – 100
Details Details Regarding the lead – multiline string – 4000
Type Type of Case – GUID
Keyword Transaction Number / Additional Marketing Details – string – 50
ID Vendor unique ID – string – 100
ReferringKeyword Search Term – string – 50
Conversion Conversion Page – string – 300
Tracking Tracking Route – string – 4000

Each posting will include a Captorra Identification number (‘CaptorraId’) and a GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) for the referring source (‘Referrer’). The ‘CaptorraId’ is a unique ID number that identifies the Captorra client’s organization to which you are posting. The ‘Referrer’ GUID is a value that identifies your group or site to the organization. If you are posting for multiple Captorra clients you will receive a ‘CaptorraId’ and a ‘Referrer’ GUID for use with each individual
client’s organization. These fields are mandatory for each posting.

Type (Case Type/Practice Area) GUIDs are also specific to each Captorra organization. The total number of Practice Areas and corresponding GUIDs (one unique GUID per type of case) will vary based on the client’s needs and/or configuration.

Example Post:

The JSON code below is only an example. Do not attempt to post with the sample GUIDs or IDs shown.

"CaptorraId": "123456",
"First": "John",
"Last": "Smith",
"Referrer": "123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426655440000",
"Primary": "5555555555",
"Secondary": "5555555556",
"Email": "[email protected]",
"Address": "123 Main St.",
"City": "Philadelphia",
"State": "PA",
"Zip": "19146",
"County": "Philadelphia",
"BestTime": "9am",
"Details": "Details of the case.",
"Type": "123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426655440000",
"Keyword": "Personal Injury Law",
"ID": "12345678"

The endpoint only accepts a valid JSON structure. Use this JSON validator to make sure your JSON is valid.


Below are the different responses API can return and their respective details.



      "success": true, 
      "IntakeID: "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx"

An intake was created successfully.

      "success": false, 
      "error": "JSON syntax error"

Invalid JSON data was posted.

      "success": false, 
      "error": "Invalid GUID format."

Posted JSON data contains a GUID that is not properly formatted.

      "success": false,
      "error": "Referrer/Type GUID does not exist."

Posted JSON contains a GUID that does not exist in the client’s Captorra organization.

      "success": false, 
      "error": "Please provide the CaptorraId"

CaptorraID was not provided in the posted JSON data.

      "success": false, 
      "error": "Please provide First"

Value for First was not provided in posted JSON data.

      "success": false, 
      "error": "Please provide Last"

Value for Last was not provided in the posted JSON data.

      "success": false, 
      "error": "Please provide Referrer"

GUID for Referrer was not provided in the posted JSON data.

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