Referral Management

Receive credit for the referrals you make

Strong referral partners increase any firm’s new client intake, but you need to understand whether they are returning the favor. Easily identify which referral partners reciprocate with our lead management module. Start capturing additional revenue by referring out leads strategically.

Turn lead referrals into a win-win for everyone

All in one place

A dedicated portal streamines referral management and captures every detail.

Give credit where it’s due

See who’s referring you to their prospects with robust incoming referral tracking.


Manage referrals from doctors, accountants and others in addition to attorneys’ leads.

Free access for outside firms

Referral partners don’t need licenses to participate — they access your portal at no cost.

Stay apprised of the referrals you make

What happened to the referral you made? Did they become a client of your colleague’s? With Captorra’s referral management portal, you send referral partners detailed information on each prospect. As they follow-up, they can log in and keep you informed with status updates. Auto-generated emails can be set to follow-up if a referral’s status has not been updated in a predetermined amount of time.

See how referral management helps other firms grow

We have been longtime clients. Their team is always extremely responsive to our requests and they continue to provide a superior solution to allow us to better track our marketing efforts, quickly qualify clients, manage referrals easier and at the end of the day sign more clients up for our firm.

Rick Borquez

Captorra has taken the chaos out of our case intake process. This has eliminated the wanted cases that previously fell through cracks and has increased the number of new intakes. The reports and tracking metrics provide excellent analytics to evaluate marketing initiatives.

Lawrence J. Buckfire

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