New Client Acquisition

Move seamlessly from lead to client

Lead intake complements a firm’s on-boarding of new clients, smoothly moving data acquired during the qualification process into your case management system. Captorra Case simplifies and enhances your current client acquisition process by drawing on best practices from Captorra Intake. Your conversions will increase and you’ll be ready faster to represent your new clients.

Identify the right potential clients

Proven intake scripts

Practice area specific scripts qualify leads more quickly.

No missed leads

Easy to use workflows ensure no leads fall through the cracks.

On the spot conversions

The built in e-Signature program enables one call closes.

Real-time tracking

Know the status of every lead and its history at a glance.

Immediately connect with prospective clients

Capture, chase and track every lead with a streamlined intake process. Captorra’s clients receive up to 27% more leads than they did before utilizing a lead management system. Once qualified and converted, leads flow directly into Captorra Case.

Manage all your leads in one place

Seamlessly integrate leads from all your lead providers and sources — website, legal directories, live chat and more — directly into Captorra Case. Better understand and manage your marketing when you run reports that help you understand your cost per lead and determine your ROI for each marketing tactic.

Case Management

Get help with growing your firm

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