Contact Management

Build strong relationships with every prospect

From the initial contact by consumers, firms need to capture accurate information to keep them engaged and build a strong foundation as future clients. Proven contact management tools combined with automation ensures you can connect at a personal level with each prospective client. 

Stay in touch with ease

Detailed data set

Information tracked on each prospect is based on proven best practices.

Engage to convert

Automated follow-up emails remind prospects why you’re the right firm.

Turnkey marketing

Built-in functionality makes communicating with all of your prospects easy.

Supports MMS

Follow up with a text and include a testimonial or video message from your Partner.

Inform while building the case for your firm

Prospects may not sign up immediately and could require more persuasion. Automation streamlines that process so you can deliver a steady drumbeat of communications driving home why they should hire your firm. You can keep emailing and follow up until you receive an answer. Captorra connects with your favorite email marketing services, including Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

See how other firms convert more leads with regular outreach

It has always been extremely difficult to keep track of our marketing efforts and quickly follow up with those leads. Since rolling out [Captorra] we have experienced a 30% increase in signed-up cases! The added benefit of the system being easy to use and providing real-time marketing data is icing on the cake.

Rob Lunsford

We just had our best month ever. First full month with Captorra. Excited for the future!

Tyler Patterson

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