Business Analytics

Make Smarter Business Decisions with Data

Your growth strategy should be built upon more than gut instinct or cobbled together data. Make better business decisions with clear, understandable reports and dashboards on your key business metrics.

Data-Driven Management

Staff more effectively

Key metrics let you quickly see whose plate is full and who can take on more.

Increase ROI

Easily spot opportunities across your firm to improve your ROI.

Improve outcomes

Identify how and where to utilize your resources to improve outcomes.

Project revenue more precisely

Metrics compare your historical estimations on values of cases vs reality.

The Most Important Metrics at your Fingertips

When you gain clear insight into your firm’s data, you take control of its future. Use real-time, automated reporting to:

  • Track staff efficiency, including utilization and realization rates
  • Spot upward and downwards trends and take action accordingly
  • Identify the types of cases and clients you handle most efficiently so you can get more
  • Understand the expenditures on and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
  • Calculate your return on investment by cost per lead, cost per sign up, and average attorney fees by campaign and case type

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