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West Coast Trial Lawyers

“Our firm was going through a major transitional phase where we wanted to collect data from multiple sources, dozens of phone numbers, and track where each lead was at in their intake process. We spoke with dozens of CRM platforms and felt most comfortable with the Captorra team. Captorra has made our process much smoother and efficient, and has the customizability to work with our particular workflow. The technology is constantly getting updated and the staff at Captorra answers any question we have very quickly – they listen and find a solution to all of our intake needs.”

Eric Chavez – Operations Director – West Coast Trial Lawyers

The Pendas Law Firm

“We have 10 offices spread throughout Florida, each bringing in their own new business as well as receiving referrals from others. Captorra’s real-time reporting gives me a clear overview of where we’re bringing in new business and who’s about to be signed so we can manage and staff accordingly. The built-in Esign and texting capabilities make sure no prospect falls through the cracks, no matter where they are.”

Joel Piedra – Managing Attorney – The Pendas Law Firm

Hill & Ponton

“We’ve been searching for an Intake software solution that would allow us to leverage the large amount of marketing data we have and give our Intake staff a well thought out intuitive experience when handling our clients. We found it, and it’s Captorra. From demo to setup to going live we’ve been well taken care of at every step. The Captorra team is very competent and never left us out of the loop as we transitioned intake systems. Now that we’re live our staff loves the new program. It’s use is very intuitive and easy to use. You can almost use the software without any training as what you see is easily understood and works. The new data we’re getting from our robust reporting system is helping us find out where our strongest and weakest marketing sources are and allow us to course correct. We can easily recommend Captorra to anyone looking to improve their staff/client experience during an intake or get a better picture of where your clients are coming from and what marketing works.”

Allen Harper – IT Director – Hill & Ponton

Parris Law Firm

“We have been long time clients of Captorra and both our firm and their system has evolved through the years. Their team is always extremely responsive to our requests and they continue to provide a superior solution to allow us to better track our marketing efforts, quickly qualify clients, manage referrals easier and at the end of the day sign more clients up for our firm.”

Rick Borquez – IT Director – Parris Law Firm

Stewart J. Guss Personal Injury Attorneys

“Intake is the lifeblood of my firm. My philosophy is that “you can’t work a case you don’t have”. With that in mind, we started our search for the most modern, sophisticated, and efficient intake system in the legal market. We had the opportunity to evaluate several excellent intake systems, but Captorra stood out as the best. There were less expensive solutions, but none better, and we wanted nothing but the best for our intake department. The Captorra team stood shoulder to shoulder with us through implementation and onboarding, and was very flexible and eager to help. The benefits of Captorra were obvious from day one. My intake team works more efficiently, more effectively, and most importantly – WE ARE SIGNING THOSE CASES! We look forward to working with the Captorra team moving forward as our ongoing “partner” in the growth of our firm’s docket. Ultimately – you don’t want to cut corners on your intake department, and if you want nothing but the best – I can’t recommend Captorra highly enough!”

Stewart J. Guss – Managing Partner – Stewart J. Guss Personal Injury Attorneys


Disparti Law Group

“We thought we had been doing a decent job at intake until we implemented Captorra. With Captorra, and their reporting, we can see the full picture of intake and how that affects our sign up rate. Our staff had been doing a great job, but they were limited with the capabilities they had. We were just using our case management software to get the job done but lacked all the automation Captorra opened our eyes to. We went from decent conversions to ground breaking ones in 30 days. For a growing practice like ours, this was exactly the solution we needed to maximize our ROI. My only hesitation was the integration with our case management system but Captorra went beyond my expectation to make it work. They actually listen and care and understand what our needs were to make us great at intake.”

Jesse Hoolihan – COO – Disparti Law Group

Fleming, Nolen, Jez, L.L.P.

“Our national practice considered Captorra for a couple of years. We had a very customized solution in house that we were originally reluctant to move away from. Due to our desire to grow and convert clients at a higher percentage, we finally made the decision to switch. After being on Captorra for a while now, we know without a doubt that it was the right decision. All of our potential clients flow through Captorra and it allows us to have solution to truly analyze how we are doing in different facets of intake.”

Sean Jez – Partner – Fleming, Nolen, Jez, L.L.P.

Taylor King Law

Our partnership with Captorra took our intakes to the next level. Captorra allowed our team to take ownership of potential clients and our attorneys to make faster contact with clients. The software has improved our client satisfaction tremendously, not to mention our intake close rate.

Emily Merryman – COO – Taylor King Law

Hupy and Abraham

Our firm experienced rapid growth very quickly. Using traditional methods to service the volume of incoming clients became overwhelming. And from a marketing standpoint, it was even more difficult to understand where the cases were coming from. Captorra came in and worked with our team at all facets of intake to make sure we were able to rectify these issues in one streamlined system. We now have the ability to jump on leads right away, quickly qualify and sign up clients and truly know which marketing efforts are working well for us.

Jill Wellskopf – Director of Marketing – Hupy and Abraham

Becker Law

We held off on purchasing Captorra at first because we had concerns about using two different systems for intake and case management. We finally decided to give it a shot based on recommendations for other firms that we knew. We now regret we waited so long. Not only do we have a much more streamlined intake process, we also have true reporting to analyze the success of specific marketing campaigns. So Captorra not only results in better conversion of intakes, but it also saved us a tremendous amount of money by identifying where to put our marketing dollars.

Bill Gray – Intake Director – Becker Law

Monge & Associates

We have tried different solutions to meet our intake needs in the past and finally came across Captorra. It is truly an all in one solution that has allowed our staff to utilize one application to follow up with web leads, quickly qualify live calls coming in and even sign up clients on the spot with their eSign via text solution. It has also made my life easier as an Administrator to truly see what is taking place within our intake department in real time. Our staff love it because it also alleviated the need for double entry into our case management system since it seamlessly integrates.

Janice Francis – Firm Administrator – Monge & Associates

Mokaram Law Firm

I have a great staff that handles our intakes, but felt they were being handcuffed by not having a system in place. After rolling out Captorra, I have found that not only are the staff able to more efficiently get through the intake process, but our conversions have gone up as well. It also seamlessly integrates to our case management system, Filevine so that our staff doesn’t have manually enter in new cases.

Ali Mokaram – Managing Partner – Mokaram Law Firm

Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.

Captorra has taken the chaos out of our case intake process. We now have an actual intake management system that allows us to accurately track the status of our in house intakes and outside referrals. This has eliminated the wanted cases that previously fell through cracks and has increased the number of new intakes. The reports and tracking metrics allow you to both monitor staff to ensure that all leads are being pursued and provide excellent analytics to evaluate marketing initiatives.

Lawrence J. Buckfire – Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.

US Legal

Selecting Captorra software provided an outstanding and seamless solution for our call center customer service team to provide exceptional service to our clients. The Captorra service and support team provided constant support during our transition and continues to works closely in monitoring any needs that arise.

Bonnie Niver – Director of Operations – US Legal

Parilman & Associates

Captorra is essential to my firm. Their intake system runs our law practice. It has enabled us to integrate everything together and automate all our previously manual processes so we can focus even more on serving our clients. Since implementing Captorra our new case sign ups have increased by over 60%. Additionally, their custom software, specialized knowledge of legal intake, and dedication to our success is what makes Captorra a valuable business partner.

Josh Parilman – Founder – Parilman & Associates

Ford & Associates

Captorra’s automated features have streamlined our intake process and made our firm more efficient in handling high volume case intake. It also makes tracking marketing source production very easy. We appreciate the excellent customer service we’ve experienced with this company.

Crystal Martinez – Manager – Ford & Associates

Levin Papantonio

We love Captorra! They have helped our intake department become more efficient. They continue to invest their time and energy into making sure the application is customized for our unique needs. Their intake solution is only outmatched by their customer service.

Kimberly Adams – Shareholder – Levin Papantonio

Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys

We at Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys have had a wonderful experience working to bring Captorra to our Firm. We believe that the use of this software, particularly in a company that is experiencing growth like ours, has not only increased the effectiveness of our Intake Department; but has also influenced greatly our ability to teach using the analytics collected during the intake process. Information is the new Gold, and this software will give you your moneys’ worth. The people at Captorra really care. They are trying to bring innovation to the Legal industry. They are open and willing to listen to your needs and concerns, and will help you find a solution that best fits your Firm.

Jake Glodek – COO – Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys

The Brandner Law Firm

“We know a few firms that utilize Captorra and didn’t really know if our volume substantiated the need for the system. We decided to go ahead and implement to make sure we were capitalized on every potential client that came to us. The decision was a great one as not only did it allow us to sign more clients right out of the gate, but we are now more comfortable with opening up marketing without worrying about being able to handle the increased volume.”

Michael Brandner – Managing Attorney – The Brandner Law Firm

DiPasquale Moore

“Our firm has experienced significant growth and it became clear to us this year that we needed to upgrade our in-take strategy to handle the volume. Finding an effective case management software platform was a critical part of our plan, which is why we chose Captorra. We are highly tactical and like to ‘dig deep’ when it comes to business intelligence so the ability to customize reports in Captorra allows us to maximize lead generation and conversion rates. Denny and his team are relentlessly responsive and we consider them part of our team.”

Kirk Black – CMO – DiPasquale Moore

Michael Hostilo Law Firm

Mike Hostilo Law Firm

“Our firm has experienced significant growth over the past few years. One of the things that we noticed very quickly is that we needed to change the way we handled intake across all of our offices. For a long time, using our case management system for this was getting us by, but we realized that having a dedicated CRM and intake solution designed for our firm was imperative. In comes Captorra. These guys not only provide a solution that meets those needs and more, they are extremely qualified to assist in all areas of intake to make sure we are capitalizing on every potential client. If you want to make sure you’re firm stops losing cases and has real data to analyze you should choose Captorra!”

Joshua Hostilo – Director of Intake – Mike Hostilo Law Firm

Janet Janet & Suggs, L.L.C.

“Prior to Captorra, our case management system was used for all stages of a case. Switching to Captorra as an intake system has streamlined our intake process. Staff members stay organized and can clearly see what their tasks include for the day. Data is compiled for management with the touch of a button and allows for accurate, up-to-date figures. The implementation process was surprisingly simple. There was communication between Captorra and our firm at all stages of the process. Clear deadlines and expectations were set at the beginning and were adhered to through the process. The system itself is very user friendly. In the event there are any issues, Captorra’s support staff is outstanding. Questions, concerns, changes and/or suggestions are addressed immediately by providing multiple options so we may select what best fits our firm. Our firm’s decision to utilize Captorra as our primary intake system was the right choice.”

Nicole Marion – Client Relations Manager – Janet Janet & Suggs, L.L.C.

Sandoval & James

“Since we implemented Captorra two months ago, our intake numbers have increased dramatically. We do not have radio or tv commercials so every potential client counts for us. With Captorra, we have been able to coordinate and schedule every single client possible, as well as get more leads. Captorra has made us hundreds of thousands by helping us convert more leads into clients!”

Benedict James – Founding Partner – Sandoval & James

Lunsford Baskin & Priebe

“We are an ambitious firm looking to grow quickly over the next few years. We receive a lot of traffic from potential clients electronically through our website and other providers. It has always been extremely difficult to keep track of our marketing efforts and quickly follow up with those leads. Once our team saw Captorra for the first time they fell in love. Since rolling out the system we have experienced a 30% increase in signed up cases! That in itself would be more than enough to make us happy but the added benefit of the system being easy to use and providing real time marketing data is icing on the cake.”

Rob Lunsford – Partner – Lunsford Baskin & Priebe

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