ROI Management

Maximize every dollar of your marketing budget

Data equals knowledge. When you understand how many prospects don’t get called back, which marketing tactics generate more qualified leads and what type of prospect becomes a good client, you can take steps to make your firm more efficient and more profitable. Captorra’s real-time dashboards and reports allow you to do this and more.

Stop Guessing How to Win More of the Right Clients

Pipeline at a glance

Quickly see the number of calls and emails and where they are in the follow-up process.

Tie it back to marketing

Campaign-specific tracking tells you where clients find you and what is and isn’t working.

Set the day’s priorities

Intake dashboards deliver follow-up activities based on the user’s active prospects.

True ROI reporting

Instead of using the conversion rate, see the cost to retain each lead AND client.

Data deep dives put you in the driver’s seat

When you see exactly how much you’re paying for each lead by source — advertising, email, speaking engagements, etc. — you can make smarter decisions about where to spend both time and money. Taking that one step further, Captorra shows you which of those leads become clients so you can really focus the firm’s marketing efforts.

See how ROI management helped other firms grow

Captorra has made our process much smoother and more efficient, and has the customizability to work with our particular workflow. The technology is constantly getting updated and the staff at Captorra answers any question we have very quickly — they listen and find a solution to all of our intake needs.

Eric Chavez

Our firm experienced rapid growth and servicing incoming clients became overwhelming. Captorra helped rectify this in one streamlined system. We now have the ability to jump on leads right away, quickly qualify and sign up clients and know which marketing efforts are working.

Jill Wellskopf

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