Lead Management & Intake

Get more clients with streamlined lead intake

Law firms spend time and resources on marketing but then fall short when a prospect raises their hand. Quickly and efficiently respond to your leads, making them clients before they go elsewhere. Automatic replies via text or email are sent the moment a prospect appears, communicating that you have their information and will be calling them shortly. Subsequently receive regular alerts to follow up with them until they come onboard.

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Let Technology Improve Your Results

Secure More Clients

Fast and repeated follow-up increases new clients by an average of 27%.

Never Miss A Step

Automated workflows ensure no leads fall through the cracks.

Complete Visability

Robust tracking shows each prospect’s history, contacts, milestones, and more.

Web based

Access your leads, follow up with potential clients and receive analytics on your marketing efforts from anywhere.

Efficiently Identify the Right Potential Clients

Intake scripts proven to glean the best prospects

Each practice area requires a unique set of questions to identify which prospects have the characteristics of a winning case. The questions for an Auto Accident prospect differ from those for a Family Law prospect. On top of that, every firm has its requirements for what makes a good client. Some practices desire a basic form to quickly enter information while others require a unique set of intake scripts and customization. Our system offers the flexibility of choosing either approach.

Save time and increase engagement

Built-in phone and texting functionality, powered by the Twilio platform, cuts outbound call time in half and streamlines inbound call answering when the contact record that matches the phone number automatically pulls up.  Engage prospects and clients via SMS text directly from within Captorra, eliminating the need to expose personal cell phone numbers.


Intake flow fitted to your firm

Captorra has assisted firms on the intake of more than 5 million leads. We draw on this experience to provide a robust set of intake fields out-of-the-box. Firms that find they need additional customization can opt for unlimited custom fields and configurable user roles.

Take the pain out of the turn-down process

Prospects that don’t meet the firm’s requirements need to be told gracefully that the firm won’t take their case. Captorra’s automated turn down process makes this easy by generating turn down emails or merging turn down letters to send to unqualified leads.

Understand the different options

Captorra offers a solution for your firm’s specific size and needs. Each product includes a robust mix of prospect intake, communication, conversion and tracking tools proven to deliver more clients.

See The Comparison

See how other firms have grown with lead intake management

The benefits of Captorra were obvious from day one. My intake team works more efficiently, more effectively, and most importantly – WE ARE SIGNING THOSE CASES!

Stewart J. Guss

We thought we were doing a decent job at intake until we implemented Captorra. With Captorra we see the full picture of intake and how that affects our sign up rate. We went from decent conversions to ground breaking ones in 30 days.

Jesse Hoolihan

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