The Importance of Legal Intake Software Separate From Case Management Software

By Denny Newberry

06 Apr 2017 | Case Management, Intake, Legal Technology

Most case management software offers similar solutions. They can make your law firm paperless, they can help with efficiency, and they can establish workflows for you and your employees that will allow you to do more with less. However, those systems mainly focus on working on a case once you’ve acquired the case and do not think much about how to acquire new clients so that you can foot the bill for your fancy case management software every month.

Paid Advertising

A lot of time and energy is expended getting the phone to ring. These days, law firms have SEO consultants, paid search, social media ads, display ads, TV advertisements, radio advertisements, and many other forms of advertising just to get the phone to ring. All this money is spent, but have you thought about what happens when your advertising dollars work for you? Do you have systems in place to handle the calls when they come in? When the phone rings at the firm, it is imperative to harness the power of all the advertising dollars it took to generate that phone call and ensure that call converts into a new client!

Enter, Captorra

That’s why former case management software employees, Captorra came up with a way for you to manage your legal intake system – a way to ensure you capture new clients before they get entered into your case management software. Not only are they the most trusted legal intake management software available, but they can also turn any one of your employees into a legal intake expert.
We found Captorra during the research phase of an article we published called: The 7 Best Legal Software, and we instantly knew that Captorra was something we wanted to include in the list. We knew we had to include them because they have the same ideals that we preach every day here at Answering Legal: the most important thing you can do when you are spending money to generate new phone calls for your business, is to have an infrastructure in place that will ensure the highest chance of conversion for that call.

The Proof

Captorra has done its own customer case studies to prove that having a dedicated legal intake software helps to improve the number of captured leads and the number of new cases signed up per month. One study they performed showed that: before Captorra, one law firm had 254 new cases signed up per month, and after signing up with Captorra, that number jumped to 321 new cases signed up per month. This resulted in an additional $335,000 in new monthly revenue and $4,020,000 in new annual revenue. Source: “Real Life Results”

But… how?

How do they do this? Well, if you’ve ever heard the saying: luck is when preparation meets opportunity, then you’ll understand why legal intake systems work so well. Your legal intake software is your preparedness to handle incoming new clients, your opportunity is the call-in generated by your advertising dollars, and your luck is… well, over 4 million dollars in this case. No one understands this recipe better than Answering Legal! Our motto is, “Never Miss the New Client!” You spend tons of money advertising your firm, so you ought to have systems in place in order to capture those new clients. Captorra helps you with your legal intake inside of your office with your own employees. Answering Legal handles your legal intake for you when you are unable to answer the phone!

Our Own Experience with Legal Intake

When it comes to legal intake, Answering Legal is also an expert, but in a much different way than Captorra. Our customers simply need help answering the phone calls that are coming in, and not only do we answer the incoming phone calls, we perform the legal intake for the firm we’re answering for. Here’s where Captorra and Answering Legal actually intersect: we both customize your legal intake questions dynamically so that we get the right information for your law firm based on the answer to the previous question asked. This way, you have the highest propensity of converting that caller into a paying customer. Both Captorra and Answering Legal see an average of about 20% increase in new conversions per month when using the software independently. So, I charge you, try using both.

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