The 6 Best Legal Case Management Software for 2021

By Jessica Moore

06 Apr 2021 | Legal Technology

When it comes to running a modern law firm, you want everything working as smoothly as possible. Even small to mid-sized firms can use a little help keeping things humming. Legal case management software can help make things easier.

Case management software provides you with the tools you need to oversee your practice. With it, you can monitor all of your past, ongoing, and future cases. You can stay organized and keep your firm running efficiently. 

There are several different types of case management software out there, and you have lots of options to choose from. In general, most of these options can help you store and find client information. They may also provide tools for time tracking or monitoring workflow. Some may integrate with other software, such as e-discovery or legal billing. 

Here, we’ll discuss the best legal case management software to help you decide which one is best for your firm. 

1. Captorra

Captorra offers both lead intake and case management software solutions for law firms. It helps you be as efficient as possible from intake to case resolution. It’s cloud-based and runs on both Windows and Mac. You can collaborate securely with clients and colleagues with OneDrive and Sharepoint integrations. Captorra integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, enabling you to work where you feel most comfortable. It also provides robust business analytics, providing in-depth reporting that helps you monitor efficiency, utilization, and other essential metrics. 

2. Clio

Clio offers cloud-based case management software, meaning that you can access information no matter where you are. You can manage everything from one central location, including deadlines, cases, documents, billing, and payments. It runs on both Windows and Mac computers. Clio also offers a mobile app, which allows you to carry out tasks from your phone. 

3. MyCase

MyCase helps small law firms manage client communications and day-to-day business operations. It works on both Windows and Mac, and it offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. In addition to keeping track of your cases, MyCase provides time tracking, docketing, contact management, and accounting. The software integrates with QuickBooks for easy billing. 

4. AbacusLaw

AbacusLaw is case automation software made specifically for law firms. It functions as a complete management solution that helps you to monitor time tracking, accounting, and billing. The software is cloud-based, and it works on Windows and Mac computers. Features of AbacusLaw include rule-based calendaring, document management, and email management. It integrates with Microsoft Office, Salesforce, TimeSlip, Nextiva, and many other apps you use every day to run your business. The accounting module integrates time-keeping, billing, and reporting, and it can manage trust accounts, expenses, and reconciliations. A legal calendar system helps you manage appointments and deadlines with ease. It’s important to note that this software is best utilized for current caseloads, not lead intake. 

5. PracticePanther

PracticePanther provides case management software that works for firms of all sizes, including those that work in bankruptcy, personal injury, family law, divorce, and more. Thousands of lawyers in more than 35 countries trust it. It’s a cloud-based system that’s compatible with both Windows and Mac. Key features include case management, contact management, document management, docketing, time tracking, billing, and trust accounting. The software integrates with calendars, DropBox, Outlook, PayPal, and several other essential programs, making it easier to manage your clients and get more done in less time. 

6. Smokeball

Smokeball is a cloud-based case management software that claims to help increase your firm’s productivity and profitability by 30%. It automatically records time for you and boasts full billing capabilities. It also offers an extensive document automation featuring more than 14,000 legal forms. You can use DocuSign to capture electronic signatures, so your clients can sign forms from the comfort of their own homes. The software integrates with several programs, including Microsoft Word and Outlook. It works on both Windows and Mac, and it offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. 

Take Charge of Your Cases

The best software for your practice helps you manage your cases efficiently and effectively. With Captorra, you can deliver high-quality service to all of your leads and clients with integrated lead intake and case management software. You can ensure the best service possible to each client from start to finish. Contact Captorra today to schedule your demo or talk through the various lead intake and case management solutions available to your firm. We want to hear about your needs and help you identify the right solution.  

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