Law Firm Call Center Software

By Chris O'brein

16 May 2016 | Legal Technology

For a long time, law firms have relied on case and document management software to handle their intake needs. Those days are long gone as more and more calls are coming in and more potential clients are reaching out to firms in different ways. A potential client that contacts a firm through their website, chat service or after hours call service should get as much attention as the potential client that calls the firm directly. In fact, there are a number of studies that show that website leads end up being more savvy consumers and in a lot of cases have higher value cases.

Those are just a few reasons why law firms should really start looking at using a solution designed to handle leads coming in from multiple places. Call centers have been around for a long time. Most people probably think about a call center as being a huge space with multiple cubicles where people are taking calls for Delta or Microsoft. While this of course is true, successful firms can use this same model on a smaller scale to improve on their intake efficiencies. The call center mentality can be implemented into a law firm as long as the right infrastructure is there.

This is where Captorra comes in. Captorra is designed to not only meet the needs of a call center, but it is specifically tailored to meet the needs of a law firm call center. A call center for a law firm can consist of just two people. Those two persons primary focus is to take incoming calls for potential clients and quickly evaluate whether or not it is a case that the firm wants to accept and if so, get that potential client signed up as quickly as possible. The intake staff’s responsibility should also be to follow up on leads that come in from the website, chat, after hours call service and third party leads. They should be exhausting all efforts through phone calls, emails and text messages to get in touch with these leads to evaluate their potential case.

Captorra is designed specifically to help with these needs. Our law firm call center software has logic based questionnaires that are customizable by law type. These questionnaires allow the firm to not have to focus so much time and money on hiring someone that has a lot of legal knowledge. Captorra drives the intake specialist in the correct direction the questioning should take them based on how each question is answered by the potential client. The workflow solution then takes over and automates the process for the next steps of the intake. If a turn down notification needs to be sent, Captorra will either automatically send a customized email out or it can auto merge a disengagement letter to be mailed out. If an attorney, or attorneys, need to review the notes from the call, Captorra will automatically merge the information from the intake into an email that is sent to the appropriate attorney for review. If the client needs to be retained, Captorra can schedule investigators, merge and track sign up packages that are mailed out and even has eSign build directly in to leverage the “one call sign up” mentality.

Firms that want to increase their sign ups need to stop thinking the same way they thought 10, or even 5 years ago. Most markets are highly competitive, and in order to thrive, you need to look at your intake department as your legal call center and implement a solution that helps your staff. This is where Captorra comes in.

For a demo of Captorra’s Law Firm Call Center Software / Legal Intake Software please reach out to us at [email protected]

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