How You Can Convert More Clients With eSign

By Stephanie Lica

27 Mar 2020 | Intake, Legal Technology

Patience may be a virtue, but it’s certainly not present among today’s rushed legal consumers. Prospective clients now enjoy access to a myriad of viable options. If they aren’t immediately satisfied with the response from a particular law firm, they can easily turn to competing practices.

Even seemingly minor efforts to streamline intake can lead to significant improvements in conversion rates. Ideally, valuable leads will be captured immediately, long before they have a chance to slip through the cracks. Legal eSign, in particular, holds the potential to dramatically improve lead response, resulting in swift conversions from vetted prospects who may otherwise stall and, ultimately, fail to take that final step from promising lead to dedicated client.

How Does eSign Work?

As its name suggests, eSign allows prospective clients to preview, analyze, and sign key documents on an electronic basis. Clients who consent to this process receive secure links, which they can click to open a dedicated page in their mobile browser. At this point, they will find a list of terms and conditions, much like what they would see if completing the process in-person. Clients can scroll through these conditions at their leisure.

Once they are ready to move forward, clients can select a “start signing” prompt and indicate that they have read and agreed to all stated terms and conditions. Because eSign is integrated with automated intake processes, the client’s information will already be included in the document, saving him the tedious prospect of entering information manually over a mobile device. Instead, new clients can focus on reviewing critical documents and providing necessary signatures.

Prior to submitting signed documents, clients have the opportunity to review them for peace of mind. When scrolling through completed documents, they will find their signature at the bottom. Once satisfied, they can submit the documents without actually setting foot inside a physical law office.

How Can eSign Improve the Intake Process?

As mentioned previously, small yet targeted intake improvements can pay huge dividends. This is especially evident for firms catering to clients who expect maximum efficiency.

eSign produces conversions when leads are most eager to move forward. This may be at the scene of a legal incident or on a phone call that’s going well. When your lead intake staff determines the lead meets your firm’s criteria, don’t wait. Ask them if they’re ready to move forward and make the most of the information and rapport you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. 

Without this helpful tool, valuable time is spent on setting up an appointment and traveling to the law firm’s office, assuming, of course, that they visit at all. If courted by competing law firms, they’ll be inclined to move forward with the practice that allows them to sign up in as few steps as possible.

Throughout the entirety of the eSign process, legal consumers can look to helpful intake representatives for guidance. This improves comfort and confidence among a variety of people, including, most notably, those who might otherwise be suspicious of mobile solutions. Upon completing this simple process, new clients should feel excited about moving forward—and relieved by the hassle-free nature of modern legal intake.

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