How to Impress as a Law Firm Office Manager

By Jessica Moore

03 Mar 2021 | Legal Technology

Law firm office management is a challenging job. As a manager, you have to keep everything in the office organized and running smoothly. 

One of your many jobs is managing client intake. In today’s digital society, potential clients contact your office in many different ways. They call, email, or fill out a contact form on the website. 

Staying organized is key to providing potential clients with incredible customer service and transforming online visitors into actual clients. If you’re looking for ways to improve your intake processes and impress as a law firm office manager, consider pitching legal case intake software. 

Increase Lead Conversion

Marketing is crucial for law firms of all sizes to generate leads. 

Do you know where your leads are coming from? Were they referred by a previous client? Did they see you on social media or find your website through an online search? Understanding where your leads come from allows you to see which of your marketing efforts are the most effective. 

Intake management software lets you transform your intake processes to track every lead from their original method of contact, enabling you to nurture them from prospect to client. You can see which marketing efforts are attracting prospects, provide optimal customer service, and increase your lead conversion rates. 

Boost Office Efficiency

Data entry is one of the most important jobs in a law firm office. It’s also incredibly time-consuming. You need every prospect’s name, contact information, and case details. Manually entering data, however, takes away from the time you need to perform essential law firm office manager duties. 

Client intake software eliminates the need for you to enter prospect details manually. Instead, you can add forms to your website that enable those individuals to enter their information for you. After they hit submit, the software automatically logs their details and lets you know their preferred method of contact. 

You can customize your intake forms to fit your specific needs. By eliminating the menial but critical task of data entry, you can increase your efficiency and get more done each day. 

Remove Physical Paperwork

Not only are older intake methods time-consuming, but they also require a significant amount of paperwork. In addition to contact and case details, you also have billing information, payment history, and more. 

Paperwork is problematic:

  • It can get easily lost or damaged.
  • You could waste precious time sifting through a bunch of files trying to find the one you need.
  • Physical paperwork takes up a lot of space, and your office is only so big.

With intake software, you can onboard new clients without the physical paperwork. You can provide digital forms and have people sign and fill out documents digitally. When you need to find a file, you can simply search it up on the computer instead of looking through mountains of paperwork. 

Legal case intake software will remove the physical burdens of paperwork and make your law firm office management job much easier.

Impress as a Law Firm Office Manager

Pitching legal case intake software will help your law firm to run more smoothly. Not only will you save time and effort, but you can also nurture more leads and increase your conversions. The more satisfied your clients, the more successful your firm.

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