Go Mobile with Legal Technology

By Stephanie Lica

06 Jan 2021 | Legal Technology

Your smartphone plays an important role in almost every aspect of your day-to-day life, and yet, its influence on your case intake process remains minimal. Yes, leads appreciate the convenience of eSign, but mobile technology can also make a huge difference for attorneys. The right application can transform all facets of intake, providing a streamlined and convenient experience. 

Why Do Law Firms Need Mobile Technology?

It’s never easy to adopt a new technological solution. Law firms, in particular, tend to get too comfortable with the status quo. Why change what already works?

The problem, of course, is that desktop-only solutions don’t work — or at least, not in the modern digital environment. This outdated approach is inefficient and ineffective. The following concerns are especially common among law firms that have fallen behind on legal technology:

The Need for Mobility

Lawyers are constantly on the go. This is especially true in personal injury, with attorneys regularly leaving the office to attend depositions or handle other legal matters. While away, they struggle to remain in tune with the intake process, which is often limited to desktop devices. 

Office-based intake staff members may be responsible for many aspects of this process, but the ability of attorneys to interact with leads remains crucial. If cut off, they may not be able to reach out quickly enough to secure much-needed conversions. 

In an industry in which every minute of additional wait time leads to major reductions in conversion rates, mobile access matters. This is also true for traveling intake specialists, who can use mobile systems to mimic the streamlined process they use in the office.

Lost Or Forgotten Information

Even when attorneys are available on the go, many rely on unorganized, outdated systems that make it difficult to access important information when and where they need it. Despite their best efforts, attorneys cannot hope to remember every detail they encounter throughout the day. 

Emails, texts, and notes kept in various locations are easily missed or forgotten. Dedicated systems allow attorneys to promptly enter this information into a central location — and find it again as soon as it’s needed.

Ethical Considerations

The use of personal devices can pose a significant threat to both attorneys and their clients. After all, law firms hold the duty to protect client confidentiality. Unfortunately, many fail to secure their devices, leaving data vulnerable to breaches. 

Dedicated intake and case management solutions offer a more secure means of handling lead and client information to ensure peace of mind for all parties involved.

Find a Mobile System Designed for Legal Intake

Successful firms leverage various tools and technologies to increase conversion rates and make the most of limited marketing budgets. To that end, we’ve developed a solution that delivers a new degree of mobility to our most trusted intake offerings. 

Don’t underestimate the value of mobile technology while looking for an intake solution. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to better handle leads, serve clients, and organize your mobile intake and case management processes. This simple update could make all the difference for your law firm.

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