Convert More Leads with Captorra’s Lead Management

By Denny Newberry

17 Jan 2016 | Lead Management

We find too often that one of the primary areas where firms struggle during the intake process is following up appropriately with new leads or potential clients. We call this lead management.

The Captorra lead management system is designed to integrate many different types of leads directly into the system. Whether is be a web or chat lead, a lead from a third party provider, or your returning a phone call which may have come in after hours; most groups either do not make the initial attempt to follow up in time or do not continue to follow up with the appropriate number of attempts (or both). This is a simple principal of lead management.

Captorra has designed a solution to help facilitate this lead management process for law firms

  • We have integrations to your web sites, chat mechanism and third party lead providers which allow your staff to focus more on the actual lead follow up as opposed to data entry
  • A simple lead management dashboard allows your staff to see in real time the leads that are being integrated into the system. The lead management dashboard prioritizes the first attempt over the additional attempts to reach a potential client
  • After the first attempt, Captorra utilizes its workflow engine to automatically facilitate follow up the attempts to reach the potential client. The priority, timing and the number of attempts are customized to the firm.

Along with the additional attempts, Captorra’s Lead Management has the ability to utilize a drip campaign feature which will automatically send an email to the potential client that corresponds with the type of case and the number of attempts that have already been made. This is important because we find that utilizing different content for each of these emails is the most effective. You should try to provide value with each of the touch points you have with the client. This will help you convert more leads into clients.

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