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Intake Management

Captorra Case Intake Software offers the following features within the intake management portion of the program.

Unlimited Call Scripts: Scripts allow logical scripts/questions to be run for each new caller. The data received is assigned to the new intake.

Out of the Box Scripts: Captorra provides our best practices intake scripts for over 50 case types. (e.g., Auto Accidents, Workers Comp., Mass Torts, Family Law, Bankruptcy and more.)

Unlimited Custom Fields: Each intake and caller can have an unlimited number fields (i.e., contact info, intake info, etc.). During the design sessions, we assist the firm in designing the required fields.

Turn-Down Automation: Captorra can automate the turn down process by automatically sending turn down emails and merging turn down letters.

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Contact Management and Marketing

Captorra’s Case Intake Software includes a contact management system which includes advanced marketing options.

Unlimited Contact Fields: Each potential client can have an unlimited number fields (i.e., contact info, intake info, etc.). During the design sessions, we assist the firm in designing the required fields.

List Marketing: Captorra offers a list marketing feature which allows the user to set up marketing lists such as Newsletters or Firm Announcements.  Captorra will quickly send out emails to these lists or custom lists which can easily be built by the firm.

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Lead Management

Captorra increases our client’s conversion rates by 20% and the lead engagement module is the main reason. We eliminate any entry of lead data ad stop the breakage immediately.

Website Lead Integration:  Captorra integrates with your website to get all leads which are submitted directly into the system and into our lead engagement module.

Live Chat Integration:  Get all your live chat leads integrated directly into Captorra’s Lead Management Module.  Apex Chat, NGage, Client Chat Live and more all integrate with Captorra.

After Hours Call Center Integration:  Legal Intake Professionals, Alert Communications and other after hours call centers have direct integrations with Captorra.  Never key lead data again.

3rd Party Lead Provider Integrations:  If you are buying leads you need Captorra.  We have integrations with IM Solutions, NOLO, FindLaw and over 80 more legal lead providers.

SMS / Text Messaging:  Captorra offers integrated SMS / Text messaging.  The text messaging of leads will drastically increase your conversion rate.

Email Drip Campaigns:  Captorra provides out of the box emails to be sent via a drip campaign.  Each email is unique and provokes urgency in the client to engage with your firm.

Phone Calls:  Captorra will manage the phone call engagement process for your firm.  It will make sure phone calls are made immediately once the lead is received as well as all the subsequent calls until the potential client is reached.

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Referral Management

Actually track your referrals and get paid for them.  Captorra has a referral management module which can automate the sending and follow up on referred out cases.

Attorney Referrals:  Manage incoming and outgoing referrals with Captorra.  Automate the referral of cases based upon location and case type.

Doctor Referrals:  Make sure you are getting your back scratched too.  So often you are sending Doctors referrals, but not getting any in return.  Captorra will show you the numbers.

Referral Management Portal:  Captorra offers a referral portal which allows your referral partners to receive referrals and provide updates to all cases which they have received.

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Data Management: Dashboards & Reporting

Stop guessing.  Captorra provides you real time dashboards and reports to help you manage your law practice.

Unlimited Reporting Capabilities: Reports can be created by any user per intake, caller or referral source.

Out of the Box Dashboards: Users can have customized dashboards when they enter the system. A manager can see summary information such as number of calls, sign ups, specific campaign results and more. An intake specialist may have a dashboard highlighting their active intakes, follow up activities and personal scorecard.

Advertising Intelligence: Track your advertising and it effectiveness.  Become laser focused with your advertising to get the most out of your marketing budget with Captorra’s Lead Management program.

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Sign up client on the first phone call with Captorra’s built in eSignature program.

eSign:  Captorra provides integrated eSignature within the application.  This allows you to get your clients signed up immediately.

iPad Signature:  Captorra allows your investigators to go paperless.  With Captorra they can simply carry an iPad to complete the intake and sign up the client.  A client themselves, can even use the tablet or smartphone interface to sign the electronic documents.

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Sign Up Package Management

The most over looked area for increasing your conversion rate is sign up package / mail out package management.  Captorra has dedicated an entire module to ensure that you get the packages signed and returned.

Mail out Package Management:  When eSignature is not available the sending of a hard copy mail out pack may be needed.  If so, Captorra has a built in Sign up package management module to ensure you do whatever it takes to receive the signed documents from the client.

Document Assembly:  Captorra will automatically merge the sign up packages for your firm to provide you with a very professional package to be presented to the client.

Sign Up Management

Captorra can manage the document associated with your leads.  This may include client engagement letters, contracts, medical records and more.

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Hill & Ponton

“We’ve been searching for an Intake software solution that would allow us to leverage the large amount of marketing data we have and give our Intake staff a well thought out intuitive experience when handling our clients. We found it, and it’s Captorra. From demo to setup to going live we’ve been well taken care of at every step. The Captorra team is very competent and never left us out of the loop as we transitioned intake systems.

Now that we’re live our staff loves the new program. It’s use is very intuitive and easy to use. You can almost use the software without any training as what you see is easily understood and works. The new data we’re getting from our robust reporting system is helping us find out where our strongest and weakest marketing sources are and allow us to course correct.

We can easily recommend Captorra to anyone looking to improve their staff/client experience during an intake or get a better picture of where your clients are coming from and what marketing works.”

Allen Harper – IT Director - Hill & Ponton

West Coast Trial Lawyers

"Our firm was going through a major transitional phase where we wanted to collect data from multiple sources, dozens of phone numbers, and track where each lead was at in their intake process. We spoke with dozens of CRM platforms and felt most comfortable with the Captorra team. Captorra has made our process much smoother and efficient, and has the customizability to work with our particular workflow. The technology is constantly getting updated and the staff at Captorra answers any question we have very quickly - they listen and find a solution to all of our intake needs."

Eric Chavez - Operations Director - West Coast Trial Lawyers

Parris Law Firm

"We have been long time clients of Captorra and both our firm and their system has evolved through the years. Their team is always extremely responsive to our requests and they continue to provide a superior solution to allow us to better track our marketing efforts, quickly qualify clients, manage referrals easier and at the end of the day sign more clients up for our firm."

Rick Borquez  - IT Director - Parris Law Firm

The Pendas Law Firm

"We have 10 offices spread throughout Florida, each bringing in their own new business as well as receiving referrals from others. Captorra’s real-time reporting gives me a clear overview of where we’re bringing in new business and who’s about to be signed so we can manage and staff accordingly. The built-in Esign and texting capabilities make sure no prospect falls through the cracks, no matter where they are."

Joel Piedra, Managing Attorney, Pendas Law, Florida-based Personal Injury Lawyers

Stewart J. Guss

Intake is the lifeblood of my firm. My philosophy is that “you can’t work a case you don’t have”. With that in mind, we started our search for the most modern, sophisticated, and efficient intake system in the legal market. We had the opportunity to evaluate several excellent intake systems, but Captorra stood out as the best. There were less expensive solutions, but none better, and we wanted nothing but the best for our intake department.

The Captorra team stood shoulder to shoulder with us through implementation and onboarding, and was very flexible and eager to help. The benefits of Captorra were obvious from day one. My intake team works more efficiently, more effectively, and most importantly – WE ARE SIGNING THOSE CASES! We look forward to working with the Captorra team moving forward as our ongoing “partner” in the growth of our firm’s docket. Ultimately – you don’t want to cut corners on your intake department, and if you want nothing but the best – I can’t recommend Captorra highly enough!

Stewart J. Guss  - Managing Partner - Stewart J. Guss - Personal Injury Attorneys

Simmons & Fletcher, P.C.

We took a look at Captorra and liked the system initially, but wanted to try and utilize intake and case management in one system. We found that given our volume and the multiple ways claimants contact us, Captorra’s specific solution for intake was a must for us. Since implementing, not only has it streamlined our process to sign up cases, but the comprehensive reporting has saved us a ton of time for analyzing data related to marketing and intake.

Paul Cannon - Partner - Simmons & Fletcher, P.C.

Herrman & Herrman

“We know a lot of firms that have used Captorra and like the system. We went through our own evaluation process and found that it met our immediate needs of having one solution to quickly consolidate the potential cases that come from multiple sources. We now have our calls, website form submissions, chats and calls going through our afterhours call service all flowing into Captorra automatically.

This allows us to jump on the follow up process immediately and Captorra automates the email and texting campaigns to help as well. Once we have the qualified claimant on the phone we can sign them up right then and there by texting the eSign packet over. Captorra’s eSign tool is very easy for our staff to utilize and they very quickly are able to get the packet out to the client while on the phone. Their team has been there for us every step of the way to make sure we are getting everything we need out of Captorra.”

Eliza DeDow – Intake Manager - Herrman & Herrman

Shelly Leeke Law Firm

Our firm was made aware of Captorra through a firm that we know well. Like most software applications, the system has taken some time to perfect for our group but the Captorra team has been great to work with to get it to that point. We use the system heavily for lead follow up, qualification of claimants, signing clients with different methods and analyzing data in real time. As our practice continues to grow, we will continue to lean on the Captorra solution to help scale.

Derek Miller - COO - Shelly Leeke Law Firm

Disparti Law Group

We thought we had been doing a decent job at intake until we implemented Captorra. With Captorra, and their reporting, we can see the full picture of intake and how that effects our sign up rate. Our staff had been doing a great job, but they were limited with the capabilities they had. We were just using our case management software to get the job done but lacked all the automation Captorra opened our eyes to. We went from decent conversions to ground breaking ones in 30 days. For a growing practice like ours, this was exactly the solution we needed to maximize our ROI. My only hesitation was the integration with our case management system but Captorra went beyond my expectation to make it work. They actually listen and care and understand what our needs were to make us great at intake.

Jesse Hoolihan - COO - Disparti Law Group

Fleming, Nolen, Jez, L.L.P.

Our national practice considered Captorra for a couple of years. We had a very customized solution in house that we were originally reluctant to move away from. Due to our desire to grow and convert clients at a higher percentage, we finally made the decision to switch. After being on Captorra for a while now, we know without a doubt that it was the right decision. All of our potential clients flow through Captorra and it allows us to have solution to truly analyze how we are doing in different facets of intake.

Sean Jez - Partner - Fleming, Nolen, Jez, L.L.P.