Case Study

Captorra Helped Sandoval & James Increase Client Sign Ups

What Captorra Provided

  • Lead management software to better track and convert:
    • Web leads
    • Chat submissions
    • Direct phone calls
    • Referrals
  • Automated lead-follow-up including text message drip and email automation
  • eSign for immediate signing of clients on the first phone call
  • Scheduled reporting to track incoming leads to their source

The Client

Sandoval & James is a law firm based out of Austin, Texas. The firm has earned a name for itself by treating clients like family and always fighting for the best possible results. Its practice areas include personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, workplace injury, wrongful death, and immigration.

After implementing Captorra, we were suddenly signing more clients and getting more calls. We didn’t change anything else—we actually started spending less on advertising—but our conversion rates still went up.

Adam Mata, Attorney, Sandoval & James, PLLC

Adam Mata

The Challenge


When Attorney Adam Mata began managing lead intake for Sandoval & James, the firm had a big issue that nobody was even aware of—they were losing dozens of potential clients each and every month.

At first, Adam thought their lead intake pipeline was operating at peak efficiency. They were averaging around 80 cases per month, and incoming leads included referrals, recommendations from other attorneys, and a few returning clients.

He didn’t begin to suspect that they had a problem until a respected national firm recommended trying Captorra. “You don’t know how much you’re losing until you see it for yourself,” they said.

Only then did Adam notice some of the issues affecting their lead intake process: emails that had been overlooked, potential clients that hadn’t been called back, and opportunities that had been lost due to poor communication.

“When we learned about Captorra from some of the best attorneys in the country, our first reaction was, ‘We don’t need it. Our intake department is pretty much perfect.’ But they guaranteed us that we were losing clients we didn’t even know about—and they were right.”

The Solution


Captorra solves lead intake challenges by seamlessly integrating with the most popular case management softwares on the market and by automating lead collection, tracking, and nurturing.

Day in, day out, Captorra works away in the background to ensure that potential clients never fall through the cracks. It does this for Sandoval & James by automatically tracking and converting leads from their website, direct phone calls, referrals, and other sources. It also automatically reminds team members to follow up by phone and it sends out automated text and email reminders to clients.

Captorra also helps Sandoval & James sign new clients without any downtime. When clients are out of town or busy working, they don’t need to clear their schedule for a face-to-face—eSign integration allows them to sign up on the very first phone call.

Captorra’s reporting capabilities enable Adam to learn more about Sandoval & James’ clientele. With it, he is able to track everything, including the channels clients use to find the firm and how many cases they receive in each practice area on a monthly basis.

“Captorra takes a lot of stress out of our day-to-day. Even if we lose a potential client, I’m at ease knowing that we did everything we could, and that we didn’t miss an opportunity because we forgot to call them.”

The Result


Within three months of implementing Captorra, Sandoval & James was signing an average of 50% more clients each and every month. Instead of 80 cases, they were signing 120 or more.

That number continues to increase. Now, one year after implementing Captorra, their caseload has nearly doubled. They now sign an average of 150 clients per month.

According to Adam, Captorra is directly responsible for that increase. They didn’t change anything else—in fact, conversion rates have continued to climb despite a recent decrease to their advertising budget. The only significant change to their back-end was implementing Captorra.

Adam’s advice to other law firms? “You’ll be shocked at how many clients you’re losing. Try Captorra for yourself—you’ll see how much growth it can bring your firm.”

“All we did was implement Captorra. We didn’t adjust our ad spend, switch advertising channels, or anything else. Within 2–3 months, the number of clients we were signing each month increased dramatically.”

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