Case Study

Captorra Helped Michael Hostilo Sign Leads Faster than Competitors

What Captorra Provided

  • Lead management software to better track and convert:
    • Web leads
    • Chat submissions
    • Direct phone calls
    • Referrals
  • Automated lead-follow-up processes
  • Electronic signature (eSign) for quick & efficient onboarding
  • Scheduled reporting allowing partners to better manage marketing efforts

The Client

Michael G. Hostilo Attorneys at Law is a personal injury law firm with 10 offices in the wider Georgia area. They specialize in helping victims of accidents and personal injury get the best possible outcomes in their cases.

Michael Hostilo Law Firm

If you need to streamline your front-end intakes and sign more clients, there isn’t a solution I would recommend more than Captorra.

Josh Hostilo, VP of Operation, Michael Hostilo Law Firm

Josh Hostilo

The Challenge


When Josh Hostilo took over operations for the Mike Hostilo Law Firm, they were still using paper contracts to sign new clients. This was resulting in inefficient front-end intake process, because:

  • Creating and scanning each individual contract was time-consuming
  • Every lead required a face-to-face meet-up and manual follow-up
  • They wasted hours chasing unqualified leads which didn’t end up signing with their firm

What’s more, the law offices of Michael Hostilo operate in very competitive markets. The longer their intake process took, the more leads they lost to rival firms.

Josh knew that increasing the speed and efficiency with which they handled referrals, qualified leads, and signed new clients, would allow them to help more people and gain a competitive edge.

“There are almost two dozen personal injury attorneys advertising in our core market. We needed to get to and on-board potential clients quicker.”

The Solution


Josh wasted no time implementing a fillable PDF version of their contracts while he began exploring lead intake software. This led him to Captorra.

Captorra integrated seamlessly with their case management software, allowing them to automatically track and convert the leads gained from their website, chat submissions, direct phone calls, and referrals.

eSign, integrated directly into each contract, allowed attorneys to sign clients on the very first phone call. And Captorra’s automatic lead follow-up processes helped keep staff on track with phone calls while automating email and text message drip campaigns.

Best of all, Captorra’s built-in daily, weekly, and monthly reporting allowed partners to monitor newly signed cases in real-time and better manage their marketing efforts to attract even more qualified leads.

“Being able to track leads through Captorra has helped us improve our advertising and marketing campaigns. We’re able to see the channels our customers frequent and focus on the ads that get the most traction.”

The Result


Giving claimants access to eSign has greatly reduced attorney travel time and given them the ability to sign more cases, more quickly. As a result, in just eight months, the law offices of Michael Hostilo have signed 374 new clients through eSign.

Since adopting Captorra, partners have also been able to hone marketing efforts and effectively pre-qualify leads. The firm now consistently converts over 3/4 of all new leads—a 20% increase in monthly conversion rate.

Captorra also helps Josh increase day-to-day efficiency. Generating reports is quick, comparing month-over-month conversions is effortless, and Captorra automatically keeps partners up to date on each new claimant signed in real-time.

Captorra has helped the Mike Hostilo Law Firm streamline their front-end intake and sign more
leads than ever before.

“It gives us an edge having modern case intake software, when a lot of attorneys still don’t. Captorra is one of the tools that has helped us grow—they’re part of our success.”

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