Case Study

DiPasquale Moore stopped lucrative leads falling through the cracks with Captorra

What Captorra Provided

  • Web-based case intake and lead conversion solution
  • Automated lead follow-up processes
  • Electronic signature for instantaneous sign up
  • Integration with website, chat and other systems—so all data flows into Captorra seamlessly

The Client

DiPasquale Moore is a personal injury law firm, serving clients across Missouri and Kansas. With 15 lawyers and 40 support staff on the team, they fight for the rights of people who’ve been injured through no fault of their own.

Captorra is one of the tools that has helped us grow. Having modern case intake software—which many attorneys still don’t—is part of our success.

Mike Dipasquale, Founder, Dipasquale Moore

The Challenge

Managing the intake of new cases—and ensuring leads didn’t fall through the cracks—was a recurring headache for DiPasquale Moore.

Every day they were inundated with calls, website leads and referrals. If they were slow off the mark responding, or failed to spot the right opportunities, other firms were ready and waiting to snatch their clients—and their revenue.

What’s more, they were investing major money generating leads across various marketing and media channels. But it took tons of time to keep up with what was working and what wasn’t.

If they could bring all their needs and processes under one system, they’d onboard more leads, reinforce their already impressive growth figures, and create a vital competitive edge over other attorneys.

“We didn’t have a good solution for the intake management process at the firm. We needed to make it better and find a solution that allowed us to be more efficient on the front end of our processes.”

The Solution

DiPasquale Moore discovered Captorra—a cloud-based software system that manages the full case intake and lead management process. A long list of five-star testimonials helped seal the deal.

DiPasquale Moore loved that they could customize Captorra to suit their specific specifications and needs. Other platforms couldn’t compete. They worked closely with Captorra and hand-picked the features and functions that would have the most meaningful impact.

They were able to automate their review, turn-down, follow-up and sign-up processes. They could score leads, automatically integrate data from all their other systems, and create overnight reports that told them where leads had come from and which channels gave them the best ROI.

“We are a bit mad scientist here when it comes to information, data and business intelligence. So we spent hours laying out and outlining the reporting and the functionality we wanted. Captorra was able to turn that vision into action.”

The Result

DiPasquale Moore saw an instant increase in the number of leads they were onboarding. Captorra’s ability to flow all potential cases into its system, and score them, makes it fast and simple to jump on the follow-up process—before competitors can capitalize on the lead.

Even better, once cases are qualified, they can convert clients on the spot via electronic sign up.

Any leads who aren’t so warm can also be better tracked. Emails and follow-ups flow seamlessly, meaning fewer of them slip through the net.

Captorra’s comprehensive reporting also saves the firm a stack of time. At the click of a button, they can look at their cost per lead and cost per acquisition across all their media spends.

DiPasquale Moore now has a tool that supports its growth and success. It’s helped them get even more serious about their lead generation and management—and ensure lucrative cases never get lost again.

“It gives us an edge having modern case intake software, when a lot of attorneys still don’t. Captorra is one of the tools that has helped us grow—they’re part of our success.”

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