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Legal Intake Calls

Why Attorneys Should Listen to Legal Intake Calls for Quality Control

4 February 2020 Stephanie Lica

Legal intake forms the starting point for every client-attorney relationship. Phone calls can set the tone for a strong connection—or drive away the most promising leads. Hence, the importance of vetting intake specialists thoroughly not only during the hiring process, but also long after they’ve joined your legal team. Top Benefits of Intake Call Quality…

Intake Terms

Top Lead Intake Terms to Know

30 January 2020 Stephanie Lica

The intake process forms a core component of your legal marketing efforts. Unfortunately, it’s also a source of lost opportunity for lawyers, many of whom lack a fundamental awareness of key intake processes. Ready to level up your law firm’s approach to intake? Begin by mastering these critical terms. Case Management Software Not to be…

Referral Marketing

What Is Referral Marketing?

28 January 2020 Stephanie Lica

Social media, emails, and search engine optimization may play a vital role in modern law firm marketing efforts, but referrals remain as powerful a tool as ever.  Whether they come from clients or fellow attorneys, referrals can prove a valuable source of business for both new and established law firms. On the client end, they…

Legal Lead Management System

How to Choose a Legal Lead Management System

23 January 2020 Stephanie Lica

Leads comprise the lifeblood of your law firm. Your team’s efforts to secure them through strategic legal marketing is a crucial part of the process, but what you do once you’ve acquired qualified leads could prove even more important. Without a structured, streamlined approach, you risk losing the prospects you’ve worked so hard to obtain.…

Trade Show

National Trial Lawyers Summit

16 January 2020 Sarah Eshiwani

Meet Captorra at the National Trial Lawyers Summit (January 19-22, 2020) From January 19 to 22, 2020, Captorra will be joining attorneys at the National Trial Lawyers Summit at Loews Miami Beach Hotel. Geared toward criminal defense and civil plaintiff attorneys, the conference is a great way to network and build professional knowledge.  The three…

best legal software

Other Industries Utilize Best of Breed Software—Why Not Legal?

16 January 2020 Stephanie Lica

The legal industry has seen huge advances in recent years, with everything from global markets to remote counsel transforming the way that attorneys interact with clients. Unfortunately, however, many otherwise impressive law firms remain woefully in the past in terms of legal marketing and intake. Piles of paperwork are far too common, as are slow…

5 Mistakes with Lead Follow Up and How to Fix Them

16 September 2019 Denny Newberry

I am passionate about this topic as I really believe that this is an area a lot of firms can improve to sign up more cases without spending any additional dollars.  I am going to be throwing a lot of statistics out and you might get tired of looking at graphs and numbers, but as…