12 Reasons You Need Captorra

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14 March 2016 Chris O'Brien


Captorra Lead Conversion
12 Reasons You Need Captorra

A common question that we get is “why so many firms purchase and continue to use Captorra for their intake and lead conversion?” It is an easy and difficult question to answer at the same time.  Captorra really sets itself apart from other systems with its functionality, but at the same time, firms have different needs.  Captorra is flexible to work the way each firm works being able to use different parts of Captorra to meet their needs. We have come up with what we believe the top twelve reasons are here:

  1. Trusted. Captorra is trusted by more intake users than any other intake software provider. We have more clients, bigger clients and better clients than any other system.  Hear what our clients have to say. https://www.captorra.com/why-captorra/client-testimonials-quotes
  2. Independent. We are independently owned. The owners of Captorra also operate the business.  Our number one focus is our clients. We are not owned by a law firm and do not have any lawyers which are invested in our company.  https://www.captorra.com/leadership
  3. Intake Experts. The Captorra staff is comprised of the best legal technologists, but more importantly we know intake and lead conversion. Our team has implemented more than 100 intake systems ranging from very small firms to very large law practices. We know what works and we know how to transform your staff into intake experts.
  4. Increased Profits. We will increase your lead conversion rate. Even the very best law firm intake departments see a sizable increase in lead conversion due to our trusted lead engagement methods.  Real life results here:  https://www.captorra.com/why-captorra/real-life-results
  5. No Breakage. Captorra eliminates any leads from slipping through the cracks. Our integrations to your website, chat providers, 3rd party lead providers and after hours call centers will insure you never miss a lead or follow up. This also allows your staff to focus on converting more leads as opposed to keying in data.
  6. Accountability. Stop wondering if your intake staff is dropping the ball. Captorra ensures they are making their follow up calls and shows you exactly how well each person is performing. Regardless of how good your staff is, it can always get better.
  7. Dynamic Intake Scripts. Captorra offers customizable dynamic intake scripts which allows for your firm to ask the specific questions you need to qualify each case type. Based upon the answers provided by the potential client, Captorra can provide a directed outcome and specific language on how to proceed (i.e. signing them up, turning them down or referring them out). https://www.captorra.com/features/intake-management
  8. Court Certified eSign. The industries most secure, reliable and trusted eSign provider is directly integrated into Captorra. It allows for your staff to sign up new clients without needing to schedule time consuming and expensive personal visits or send FedEx packets.  https://www.captorra.com/features/esign
  9. “One Call Client”. Captorra has perfected the “One Call Client” experience. In this highly competitive marketplace, Captorra has designed a streamline tool to qualify and sign up a new client in one simple phone call. Never give a competitive firm the chance to sign up a client after they speak with you.
  10. Cloud Based. Captorra is a browser based application and accessible from anywhere. If you have to go to the client’s home to finish the intake, Captorra will go with you.
  11. Case Management Integration. Captorra has developed integrations with all the leading case management providers. The integration program transfers the contact and case information gathered during intake and creates a new case in your case file in your case management system.
  12. Stop Guessing. Captorra will provide you the reporting you need to stop guessing on which advertising is really working. This will allow you to maximize your marketing budget and start spending on what actually provides returns.  https://www.captorra.com/features/dashboards-reporting