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How You Can Convert More Clients With eSign

27 March 2020 Stephanie Lica

Patience may be a virtue, but it’s certainly not present among today’s rushed legal consumers. Prospective clients now enjoy access to a myriad of viable options. If they aren’t immediately satisfied with the response from a particular law firm, they can easily turn to competing practices. Even seemingly minor efforts to streamline intake can lead…

case management

Why Case Management Software Doesn’t Work for Intake

25 March 2020 Stephanie Lica

Best-of-breed software companies focus on building, enhancing, and supporting an application that belongs to their core area of expertise. They typically offer the same usability that all-in-one companies offer, while providing industry-focused solutions. This type of undivided attention results in a superior software solution that is fine-tuned to business needs.   Best of Breed vs All…

Revenue Stream

How to Create a Revenue Stream with Referrals

17 March 2020 Stephanie Lica

Casework may form the bulk of your law firm’s revenue, but it’s by no means your only opportunity for producing a profit. In addition to earning via billable hours and contingency fees, you can capture additional revenue by taking advantage of an existing, and sometimes underutilized resource: referrals. If you’ve yet to make a dedicated…

Ask for Referrals

How to Ask for Referrals

11 March 2020 Stephanie Lica

Referrals can serve as a wonderful source of qualified leads for your law firm.  In an age of digital marketing, many attorneys ace social media, yet struggle to build the strong and lasting connections needed to create a steady stream of referrals. Far too many regard referrals as “just happening,” rather than as the end…

Intake Department

Does Your Intake Department Look Like This?

5 March 2020 Stephanie Lica

We get it: intake is difficult. Opportunities for mistakes abound, even among today’s most successful law firms. Unfortunately, seemingly small errors can prove damaging down the road, leading to fewer conversions and general dissatisfaction, even among those who ultimately choose to work with your law firm. Your current intake process may be in shambles, but…

Trade Show

Association of Entrepreneurial Attorneys Conference

1 March 2020 Sarah Eshiwani

Captorra and Martindale-Avvo partner with the Association of Entrepreneurial Attorneys, March 12, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia On March 12, 2020, Captorra and MartindaleAvvo will be making connections and demonstrating their legal industry knowledge as co-sponsors of the Association of Entrepreneurial Attorneys’ regional conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The AEA conference draws founders and owners of law…

Legal Technology

Legal Technology: Where Should Your Dollars Go?

25 February 2020 Celia Colista

Many lawyers, especially solo practitioners and those in small firms, try to do everything themselves. That mentality can lead to costly inefficiencies. As we head into the 2020s, what are the tech solutions that lawyers should consider? e We asked a handful of tech leaders who know the problems law practices are trying to solve…

Intake Questions

The Importance of Intake Questions: 4 Secrets to Get Better Clients

19 February 2020 Lauren Tassi

For lawyers, the most important step in securing new business is the client intake. This is your moment to set yourself apart from other law offices, demonstrate your concern and provide an empathic ear. During client intake, you’ll also want to be sure to get all the facts and necessary information about your potential client…

Trade Show

Captorra Prepares for the 2020 ABA Techshow

12 February 2020 Sarah Eshiwani

ABA Techshow – Feb 26-29, 2020 In the last days of February 2020, Captorra will be traveling to meet with law professionals and other technology solutions providers at the ABA Techshow. The Techshow, held in Chicago, brings together lawyers and their colleagues to learn about the latest technologies in the legal field. At Captorra, we’re…

First Clients Call

How to Sign Legal Clients on the Very First Call

6 February 2020 Stephanie Lica

Every client interaction counts, but few encounters hold more sway than the first call. This is your opportunity to show prospective clients that your law firm offers the high-quality service they need and that you are capable of delivering a desirable case outcome. Not only that, but failure to sign clients promptly could mean not…