Real Life Results

Prior to using the Captorra Lead Management / Legal Intake Program this firm was using their case management system to handle case intake. They were doing a pretty good job. They were hard workers, well trained and really cared about their doing a good job for the firm. They simply were not given the tools to be as successful as they could be. Below is the actual before and after statistics for this firm.

Prior to Captorra

Number of Leads / Intakes Per Month: Unknown (because they didn’t know)
Number of New Cases Sign Up Per Month: 254

After Captorra

Number of Leads / Intakes Per Month: 1437
Number of New Cases Sign Up Per Month: 321

New Results

  • $5,000 Average Fee Per Case
  • $335,000 in New Monthly Revenue
  • $4,020,000 In New Annual Revenue

How do we do it? It is based on simple lead follow up methodologies which are not found in your case management system or other simple intake solutions.  Below is an overview of how we do it.

Capture, Track and Pursue Every Qualified Lead / Intake (No Breakage)

  • Phone Calls
  • Web Submission Forms
  • Chat Leads
  • After Hour Call Service
  • Purchased Leads
  • Referrals

Lead Engagement Module – 2 Weeks

  • Lead Conversion Dashboard with Scheduled Follow Up Calls
  • Automated Email / Text Drip Campaigns

Easy Sign Up Options

  • eSign
  • Investigator Scheduling
  • Mail out Package Management

You can experience these results and much more!

For a smaller firm these numbers are even more important because every case matters to a smaller firm. If you can increase you conversion rate by 20% (our typical results) that means for every 100 leads or 20 good cases you are presented you will convert 4 new cases. At an average firm fee of $5000 per case that would be an extra $20,000 per month or $240,000 per year. These are big numbers!

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Using Captorra is a no brainer. I started signing up more cases immediately.

Glen Lerner of Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys
(Las Vegas, Phoenix and Chicago)

Wilshire Law Firm, PLC

As an extremely fast growing practice, we noticed that claimants were contacting our firm in many different ways. It became difficult for us to appropriately track and follow up with each potential client in a timely manner. Captorra has not only provided a way to access their information immediately, but also provides my intake team with a tool to quickly follow up, email and even text message potential clients to get an immediate call back to discuss their case. The reporting the system generates allows me as the Managing Partner to quickly make decisions on changes that will improve the firm.

Bobby Saadian – Managing Partner  - Wilshire Law Firm, PLC

Selecting Captorra software provided an outstanding and seamless solution for our call center customer service team to provide exceptional service to our clients. The Captorra service and support team provided constant support during our transition and continues to works closely in monitoring any needs that arise.

Bonnie Niver of USLegal

Fleming, Nolen, Jez, L.L.P.

Our national practice considered Captorra for a couple of years. We had a very customized solution in house that we were originally reluctant to move away from. Due to our desire to grow and convert clients at a higher percentage, we finally made the decision to switch. After being on Captorra for a while now, we know without a doubt that it was the right decision. All of our potential clients flow through Captorra and it allows us to have solution to truly analyze how we are doing in different facets of intake.

Sean Jez - Partner - Fleming, Nolen, Jez, L.L.P.

By partnering with Captorra we get results. They provide exceptional software and even better service. Partnering with Captorra was a great decision for our firm. They have made our intake process more efficient and effective.

Kerry Steigerwalt
(San Diego, CA)

Shelly Leeke Law Firm

Our firm was made aware of Captorra through a firm that we know well. Like most software applications, the system has taken some time to perfect for our group but the Captorra team has been great to work with to get it to that point. We use the system heavily for lead follow up, qualification of claimants, signing clients with different methods and analyzing data in real time. As our practice continues to grow, we will continue to lean on the Captorra solution to help scale.

Derek Miller - COO - Shelly Leeke Law Firm

Captorra is awesome. Their system allows us to quickly and effectively qualify new cases allowing my intake team to focus on signing up new cases. Once the case is signed, their integration with our case management application eliminates any double entry and allows my attorneys to start working on the case right away. I recommend Captorra to any group looking to increase your conversion rate.

Kyle Bachus of Bachus & Schanker
(Denver, CO)

Law Offices of Alan LeVar

As a smaller practice the decision to invest in Captorra was not an easy decision, but understanding just how important it is for my practice to sign every case we want I knew I could not risk it. It was a great decision. In addition to helping us sign up more cases and close our holes, the reporting features are great and help us to know which marketing efforts are working. Also the Customer service has been responsive and helpful.

Alan LeVar - Managing Partner - Law Offices of Alan LeVar

Captorra runs our law practice. It has enabled us to integrate everything together and automate all our previously manual processes so we can focus even more on serving our clients. Since implementing Captorra our new case sign ups have increased by over 60%. Additionally, their custom software, specialized knowledge of legal intake, and dedication to our success is what makes Captorra a valuable business partner.

Josh Parilman of Parilman & Associates
(Phoenix, AZ)

Buckfire & Buckfire

Captorra has taken the chaos out of our case intake process. We now have an actual intake management system that allows us to accurately track the status of our in house intakes and outside referrals. This has eliminated the wanted cases that previously fell through cracks and has increased the number of new intakes. The reports and tracking metrics allow you to both monitor staff to ensure that all leads are being pursued and provide excellent analytics to evaluate marketing initiatives.

Lawrence J. Buckfire - Managing Partner